“I've known Cami for many years. She is not only a talented violinist but a very hard worker and dedicated teacher. Cami is a pleasure to work with; she is honest in all her dealings and she is passionate about helping others achieve their goals.”

--Adam Day, Murray, UT

“Cami's strong writing skills illuminate her careful and creative thought about the systematic study of music teaching and learning. She has strong pedagogical knowledge and skills. Moreover, she is a person of impeccable character, and is someone whom I hold in extremely high personal regard.”

--Dr. Mark Montemayor, University of North Texas

“Cami Shaskin is delightful. She loves others with sincerity, and builds community wherever she goes. She brings joy to the violin! I am so grateful to know her!”

--Kerstin, Salt Lake City, UT

“It has been my privilege to work with Cami Shaskin in the capacity of the Tooele Valley Youth Symphony since Fall of 2019. During our time together I have benefited from her talents and grown to trust and depend upon her for making things happen in our youth symphony. She is detail-oriented and utterly reliable. Often, after discussing that someone needs to be contacted, she quickly reaches out with a phone call or email. This quick action on her part has blessed our youth symphony greatly.

“Her warm and friendly demeanor has helped students to trust her corrections and instruction. They have great respect for her musical talent but also respond well to her empathetic counseling and they know that our symphony is a safe place for them to learn from their mistakes in.

“I have also had the joyful experience of accompanying her violin solos. I love the flow of her musical phrasing and how sensitive she is in communicating through her music. She understands music intuitively but has a large amount of experience to pull from. She is definitely an asset to our symphony.”

--Jocelyn (a.k.a. "Mrs. S"), Stansbury Park, UT


“The way Cami writes immediately pulls me in and allows me to easily relate to her thoughts and experiences with music. Her blog contains a wealth of valuable ideas and knowledge for anyone looking for a place to learn more about the violin or just become more inspired to play! Highly recommend!”

--Caryn, South Jordan, UT

“Excellent information! I was particularly interested in the tips about bow usage. As a cellist, I found Mrs. Shaskin's explanations refreshingly straightforward, succinct and very relevant to my own need for bowing strategies.”

--Corey, Saratoga Springs, UT

Teaching & Performing

“I have both played with and known Cami for many years, and I have always been impressed with her deft ability and her disciplined and highly skilled violin technique. She is a supremely accomplished player and is definitively devoted to her students and teaching violin.”

--Dr. Jeremy Starr, Emporia, KS

“I loved Cami's recital I attended 10 years ago; that's when my respect for her playing was locked in! She is a wonderful player. I sure miss her!”

--Emily, Bountiful, UT

“Cami is a wonderful teacher! My daughter had lessons with Cami for almost five years, and she gave my daughter a strong foundation in the violin. My daughter learned the Suzuki books, fiddling, etc. so she has a broad understanding of many types of music for violin. Cami is personable and great working one-on-one with kids. I highly recommend Cami as a teacher!”

--Martha, Sandy, UT

“I was so grateful to find Cami. I started playing the violin as an adult, and it was HARD! I wanted to do it and do it well, but I needed the guidance of a professional teacher who could polish my tone and fix some of my ‘beginner’ habits. Cami changed everything about how I was playing the violin with what she taught me. Cami took me from a beginner to an intermediate level and helped me feel much more confident in my playing. She was always supportive and wonderful as she taught me to be a violinist and not just someone who can play the violin.”

--Meredith, Saratoga Springs, UT

“Cami is an AMAZING teacher! She is very energetic and has a deep passion for the violin. I took lessons from her for a summer in between semesters in college. Every week I would drive over an hour to get to lessons and boy was it worth it! Cami knows just how to explain different concepts and techniques in a way that can make sense to everyone. She is very good at time management and makes good use of your lesson time. Her master classes were very effective and beneficial. Cami knows her stuff! She can teach anyone how to play. I would highly recommend Cami to any student of any age or level to take lessons from her. If I still lived in Utah I would take from her again after I graduate from school. You will not regret taking from her.”

--Natalie, Billings, MT

“When we were looking for a teacher, Cami was the one teacher who saw a child first and then a violinist. Her approach to teaching helped our daughter grow in character and musicality. Cami's music skills are top notch, the group classes and studio performances are intentionally crafted and support growth in an encouraging way. I recommend Cami to anyone looking for a teacher to cultivate a deep and lasting love of music in their children.”

--Lindsay, Draper, UT

“I have contracted Cami on occasion as a studio musician. I have always had the highest regard for her as a musician, but I have also enjoyed her cooperative and pleasant demeanor, her dependability, and the strength that she contributes to the ensemble.”

--Dr. Marden Pond, Provo, UT

“I first accompanied Cami when she was around 14 years old. I was impressed by her preparation, even at that young age. She was also respectful of her teacher and of me as her collaborator. I truly believe she was born with an innate passion for music. We played together all through her junior high and high school years and at BYU. It was a joy to see her progress into a mature and sensitive player. I highly recommend her as a player and now as a teacher. She has much to give the next generation of violinists.”

--Jayne Galloway, Orem, UT

“At age 69, I went to a music store and purchased a violin. I told the owner that I had never even held a violin and said, ‘Do you think I could learn to play?’ He said, ‘Of course you could,’ and gave me three names of possible teachers, and highly recommended Cami. I hesitated to have Cami as a teacher because of her superior qualifications. I initially wanted to go with someone more on a basic level. However, after further consideration, I decided to hire her as a teacher and I have been very pleased with the choice. I feel that I made remarkable progress in the nearly two years that she was my teacher. She made each lesson an enjoyable experience.

“Cami is very bright, well organized, and self-motivated. She has a well-rounded education and background that would impress most.... My impression is that she can do almost anything, and do it well.”

--Dean Eliason, Alpine, UT